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Quaker Memorial Presbyterian
Day School Staff
Carrie Lewis, Day School Director: Each school day, Miss Carrie has fun sharing in conversations and child-focused arts and crafts with young children! In addition to supplementing the teachers’ instruction with visual art lessons and routine library visits that often feature nursery rhymes and fairy tales, she is always pleased to talk to parents about fostering children’s adjustment to preschool or anything else that’s on their hearts. Formerly a Language Arts Teacher at James River Day School, Miss Carrie also has teaching and childcare experience as a preschool children’s Sunday school teacher at St. John’s Episcopal Church, as a teacher’s aide at Randolph College Nursery School, as the Maier Museum of Art’s volunteer Preschool Program Coordinator, and as a childcare provider for a county school system in England. An early childhood educator herself, she is committed to fostering a safe atmosphere for young children, ensuring a carefully planned and child-focused ethos, and modeling best practices in preschool pedagogy. Possessing an M.A. from England’s University of Reading, Miss Carrie continues to undertake continuing education units in the field of teaching and childcare each school year.
Tammy Balderson, Five-Day Preschool Teacher: Through her attention to detail and careful preparation of the preschool environment, Miss Tammy allows young children to feel safe and appreciate an atmosphere of order and creativity, of serious schooling and lighthearted fun. This school year is her eleventh at the Day School, and she can adjust her instructional l .
Kristy May Two-Day and Three-Day Preschool Teacher: Having spent more than twenty years in the preschool and childcare field, Ms. Kristy May possesses a finely detailed understanding of young children.  Attentive to each youngster’s feelings, she honors the children’s uniqueness, fosters their personal expression and language usage, and focuses on allowing the children’s needs to affect her planning.  Formerly a preschool teacher ad a program director, Ms. Kristy also spent thirteen years as the owner and operator of a childcare program and preschool.  As a NAEYC member, she is attentive to trends in the childcare feild and focuses on utilizing age appropriate teaching practices.  How furtunate we feel that she can share her fondness for young children with us at the Day School!
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