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ChristCare groups have several purposes. One is growth.  Your ChristCare Group will help you grow as a devoted and mature follower of Jesus. Another is care. In your ChristCare Group, you will have the opportunity to know and care for other Christians.  You will develop the kind of love Jesus called us to when he said, “ This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you” (John 15:12). And the third --- your group will seek God. Biblical Equipping will be a central activity.  Through Biblical Equipping you will come to know God better and grow in faith to live as He desires.  You will also pray together, committing your lives into God’s care, thanking him for all his blessings, and worshiping Him as he deserves. Fourth, your group exists to serve God.  There are many different ways your group might do missional service.  One of them is to invite others to visit your group, giving them a chance to learn from you what it’s like to follow Jesus and counting on the Holy Spirit to bring them to faith in Jesus.
In ChristCare Groups, God works through each member to teach, care for, and bring    growth to all the rest.  You are needed!  Everyone shares the responsibility for making  your group the best caring, growing, and disciple-making experience it can be.